Sunday, November 7, 2010

Child Well-being Initiative

When a child asks for bread,
who of you would give the child a stone?

The Persistent Widow
Once upon a time there was a woman whose rights had been trampled on. She took her case to a judge and asked to present her story. The judge did not listen to her and demanded that she go away. Widows were low class; no one cared what they thought. He was a very busy man and had many more important matters to worry about.

But this woman returned the following day and again asked to present her case. The judge ordered her removed from his presence. But the next day and the next and the next, the woman returned to his court and asked to be heard. Evidently she felt that the case was so pressing that she could not live her life until justice was done. She refused to give up.

Eventually he couldn't stand it. The judge listened to her, just to make her go away. He was surprised to learn that she did indeed have a case, and granted her justice.

* * * * *
This is a parable that Jesus told his disciples (Luke 18:1-8). He wanted them to understand that justice requires persistence.

United Chuch women have learned from this parable. We want justice, not only charity, for children in Alberta who live in poverty.

To Members of The Legislative Assembly of Alberta:

A woman in Alberta has made this doll for you with the prayer that you use all in your power to help the more than 70,000 children in our province who are hungry for bread, a home and security.

  • ensure that Alberta's children have enough nutritious food to eat.
  • fund quality, affordable, accessable child care for all Alberta's children.
  • provide Alberta's families with affordable housing.
  • establish a living wage for parents.
Please develop a provincial strategy, as other provinces have, to tackle and eliminate child poverty.

We believe that Alberta can afford to care for all young citizens.
We know the children are counting on us.
Thank you for all you do to honour our children.

For more information: Child Well-being Initiative

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