Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Searching for God

I have be looking for God for a long time.
I think he/she has always been there,
 right in front of me but I didn't see.
 So many miracles that it became easy for me
 to overlook the obvious.

 How God works in my life I am uncertain of,
 but I believe he/she does.
 I have had suffering, but who hasn't.
 I got through it all.
 I look back now and see that it wasn't on my own.

 People, love and pain have all been put in my life for a reason.
 Suffering doesn't mean I have been forgotten
 it means I am out of sorts with what God wants for me.
     I still suffer a lot.
     I still cause suffering.
 But I am certain that I have not been thrown out or left behind.

After years of moving around and living different lives
I found myself living across the street from Robertson Wesley Church. 
It was as as if I was being told.
I don't know where my faith is at from day to day,
but I do believe I probably live next door to it.
As long as I am looking for it and not past it.

                                                    Written by a Robertson-Wesley United Church Member

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